The Importance of a Lullaby…

Some very smart people contend that global environmental politics is a realm of tragedy where conflicts of interest between the billions of people will lead to consistent environmental damage, lack of even basic coordination between states, and, in the fashion of Hamlet, the only survivors are the wealthy and those instructed to clean up the messes of the past.

Other folks see global environmental politics as a prolonged absurd comedy.  Certainly, when negotiations deadlock for years, evidence is mistreated and abused, catchphrases and trends rise without sustained analysis, and waiting for Godot may be more useful than waiting for progress, it can seem quite comical.

This blog works from the basis that global environmental politics is more of a lullaby.  News soothes trying to get us to some eventual condition of rest and relaxation.  Global environmental politics is neither a tragic death march, nor a comedy of errors: it is a necessary practice with many people struggling with difficult situations.


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