What does Rio+20 mean?

June 20-22, 2012 a significant environmental conference will bring together the heads of state of a number of countries to discuss a global agenda for the Green Economy.  The conference, happening 20 years after the Rio de Janeiro Conference in 1992, has been dubbed Rio+20.

The goal of the conference is stated as:

The objective of the Conference is to secure renewed political commitment for sustainable development, assess the progress to date and the remaining gaps in the implementation of the outcomes of the major summits on sustainable development, and address new and emerging challenges

There are a lot of vague phrases in that statement that have not been fully articulated by the states attending, the organizers of the conference, or other actors.  But the focuses will be on 1. Articulating the Green Economy and 2. The International Infrastructure of that Green Economy.

Both of these questions are quite contentious and their resolution will touch on a number of issues:

  • The distribution of wealth in the world.
  • The role of UNEP as an actor.
  • Issues of risk and vulnerability of communities.
  • Environmental justice and distribution of benefits.
  • Access to technology and techniques.
  • The place of environment in a globalized world with a robust free trade system.
  • What are the terms of success of the economy.
  • Conservation, precaution, adaptation.

A diversity of opinions will be coming together in Rio to discuss these various issues.  However, the discussion will not end there and all the rest of us will have to work on these problems in a world of any agreements that come out of the Rio+20 meetings.

In this spirit, lullabyofthecommons will be soliciting and posting interviews with some of the key actors who have contributed to environmental politics in the world so far, and who will offer us important guides as the idea of a green economy gets implemented in various practices around the world.


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