Valentine’s Day is Getting Hotter!

So, how hot is your Valentine’s Day? If you are in the East Coast USA, likely it is quite mild today.

Below are the February 14th high temperatures in degrees Fahrenheit for the Central Park weather reading in New York City.  Data is provided by Weather Underground, and there is a sizable gap in good data for the late 1980s and early 1990s from that source.  Note: I’m not excluding inconvenient years, I’m excluding years without data from my source.  Also, this focus on one city, one day is not scientific basis for argument, it is merely an illustration.

Here is the graphical representation of these high temperatures for Valentine’s Day in New York City.

For ease,  a linear trendline has been added.  The break is the gap in data from Weatherunderground.

I’m not going to conflate daily weather with climate (the way some folks do); but do note that the most recent decade has seen far fewer frigid days than earlier times.  Although February 14th has been warm before this decade and cold recently (2007, for instance), the general warming trend is making Valentine’s day hotter; and not in the way any of us would hope for.


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