Photo 4- Greenpeace’s Underwater Plea

Greenpeace Plea at Australia Aquarium (Click Photo to go to Greenpeace Link)

I doubt there is one person organizing all the various Greenpeace art activities, but if there is, he/she is doing a pretty good job recently.  This picture is a Greenpeace welcome party at the Australia Aquarium for a UNESCO scientific study of how extractive activities will impact the Great Barrier Reef.  The argument from this study is clear: Stop extractive reserves=saves the Great Barrier Reef.  The situation seems clear and while we are sending Shell oil rigs into the arctic ocean, the Great Barrier Reef, and exploiting tar sands in previously largely unindustrialized environments, it is important to consider exactly what the impacts are and assess if they are worth it.

But, back to Greenpeace art.  A few weeks ago they released a series of simple black and white sketches of “David vs. Goliath” with Goliath depicted in a variety of polluting forms.  These were quite good and made a simple point very clearly.  Greenpeace has always certainly been aware of their media depiction, but these are really a nice addition for the organization.

Click on Photo for Full Set of Campaign Pictures


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