Anti-Mining Protests Around the World: The Issue of 2012

Updating Earlier Posts, anti-mining protests are going to be a major issue around the world in 2012.  Significant protests in Argentina, China, and Peru in 2011 has led to a wider set of struggles in 2012.  Police repression has led to deaths, protests have disrupted mining activity, and celebrities are joining the protests.

This blog will serve as the primary location for ongoing information about this global movement of anti-mining protests.  There are other great areas about specific struggles in countries, and many NGOs  are linking different strategies: however, to understand global trends in anti-mining activities, Lullaby of the Commons will keep up-to-date data about where anti-mining protests are happening, what the issue is, and records of casualties as a result.

Here is the map of countries that have seen anti-mining protests between January and March of 2012.

For the list of protests in January-February, see here.  Some of those from January-February continue.  The list of new national March protests, with some basic links is:

Two issues to be understanding future of this trend:

  1. Indigenous Peoples are a significant backbone of anti-mining protest in much of the world.  For March protests, they are the main impetus behind the Ecuador and Canada protests was indigenous populations.
  2. Greenpeace.  Greenpeace is a crucial leader in these activities in many locations.  Australia they are very active as a coalitional partner, and they are in other contexts as well.

I’ll continue updating these issues, at least once a month.  In addition, I am constructing a spreadsheet for any other interested parties to use for analysis and will make this available when finished.


2 thoughts on “Anti-Mining Protests Around the World: The Issue of 2012

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