Posted in April 2012

Got Global Summit Fatigue? The Cure to Take Before Rio+20

Does it seem to you that world environmental politics is dominated by a series of high-level summits that never seem to accomplish anything?  Do you feel like the impeding expiration of Kyoto and the inability to formally restart climate treaties holds back progress on other issues?  Does it ever feel like that UN “mega-meetings” are … Continue reading

Photo 6- Mudslides in Brazil

Flooding throughout Brazil have killed scores and caused significant damage throughout the country.  Mudslides, in particular, are one aspect that is primarily driven by land use patterns and poor environmental management (note to self: do a post on number of landslides for past 10 years, see if they are going up).  The tragedy in Brazil … Continue reading

The Full Cost of Global Environmental Damage

A recent study out of the Stockholm Environmental Institute has tried to affix the dollar amount of loss that continued ocean degradation will do to the global economy.  The study finds that by 2050, the yearly loss to the world economy will be $428 billion and nearly $2 trillion by 2100.  I couldn’t find an … Continue reading