Rio+20: The Definitive Twitter History of the Rio+20 Sustainable Development Conference

Below is a set of twitter comments I culled from the past few days.  I tried to get as many different perspectives as possible and also highlighted some of the secondary issues (technology, weather) to give a wider feel for the official conference. Comments come from diplomats, observers, activists, journalists, and academics.

I know I’ve missed some crucial twitter comments from great people, so the use of the word definitive is poetic.  If you want to get more information, I recommend starting with the tweets and retweets by any of the people below: All of whom did an amazing job.   Alex Farrow, Sébastien Duyck, Lang Banks, are not the only great ones, but deserve mention for exhaustive exhausting coverage.

Not strictly organized chronologically so that themes could hold together a little bit, but generally organized by date.

June 13- It Gets Started, With Some Hope

June 14- Hard Work, but the Agreement Remains [Bracketed]

June 15- Brazil Takes Charge

June 16- Brazil Forces Agreement

June 17- Some Hope on Parts of the Agreement

June 18- Huddles, Hope Fades, and a Twitter Storm

June 19- The Final Draft and Response to It

June 20- Day 1 of High Level Meetings and Speeches

June 21- Any possibility of Reopening Negotiations ends

June 22- Last Day of Conference


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