Like the Kihansi spray toad, We’re Back

Four month hiatus from blogging.  But, since the Kihansi Spray Toad, declared extinct in the wild in 2009, has come back, the least LullabyOfTheCommons could do is acknowledge the return by announcing our return as well.

The Kihansi spray toad of Tanzania. Recently reintroduced into its unique ecosystem. (source: Discover News)

This is not just a small toad coming back, it is “the first reintroduction of an amphibian species that has been declared Extinct in the Wild by the IUCN.”  Let’s hope for the best for the reintroduced Kihansi toads, with a very limited range and some significant odds against them.  However, the effort to reintroduce them is precisely efforts that Lullaby of the Commons commends.

Regular blogging is going to get going again!  Sorry for the delay.


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