This blog works from the basis that global environmental politics is more of a lullaby and not either a tragedy or an absurd comedy .  News soothes trying to get us to some eventual condition of rest and relaxation.  Global environmental politics is neither a tragic death march, nor a comedy of errors: it is a necessary practice with many people struggling with difficult situations and problems.

The site will highlight the forces shaping and animating global environmental politics at the international, national, and local levels.  Focuses will be on international environmental law, negotiations, governance, and contentious political situations.

The main author lullabyofthecommons is an independent environmental researcher.   I have spent 8 years deeply immersed in global environmental politics on many different levels and am using this blog as an outlet for quicker thoughts than I use in my professional life.  There will be other guest posters on the blog as well and if you have any thoughts you think may be appropriate here, feel free to contact me at lullabyofthecommons@gmail.com


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