June 20th-22nd, 2012 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the largest global environmental summit in 10 years.  20 years after the first global environmental summit happened in Rio de Janeiro, the conference has quickly taken the name ‘Rio+20‘.  The agenda is significant: creating global sustainable development goals, increasing funding for environmental practices in economic production, strengthening th e institutional basis for global environmental politics, and restarting a stalled global environmental negotiation process.

Here are some necessary background information from this blog and others about the issues at hand.

Rio+20 Outcome Document: The Future We Want

Link to PDF Version

Permanent HTML Version

Countdown to Rio+20 Articles By Lullaby of the Commons

Other Articles at Lullaby of the Commons

Other Background Sources:

Document Collection
One aggravating thing is when looking at old conferences a lot of the links will be broken, behind pay-walls, or have other problems and a large amount of information is lost in the ether of the internet.  This document collection serves as a repository of full text sources in order to provide them to any interested individuals.  Links to original sources will be provided, but full text will be included for all sources:


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